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What the difference between N2050 V1.0 & V2.0
Posted by Yvon Lei, Last modified by Yvon Lei on 03 November 2008 08:15

The N2050 V1.0 without the INIT button on the back panel, and the HDD1 at lower position from HDD cage, HDD2 at upper position, system would verify the HDD contain to rebuild or create RAID automatically.

The N2050 V2.0, new added an INIT button for user start to create RAID manually, and the HDD1 at upper positiona from HDD cage, HDD2 at lower, and system would detect tge HDD contain start to rebuilding automatically.

N2050 V1.0 & V2.0 with same LED behavior, only HDD position differ to each other, and V2.0 new add INIT button.

If we need rebuild the RAID, please confirm the new add HDD without any data & partition existed on HDD, for system to reconginize which is source & target.


If need create a new RAID, please confirm the all of HDD without any data & partition existed on HDDs, for system to reconginize it is a set of NEW HDD ready to create RAID volume, since system verified the HDD status the N2050 V1.0 would start to create the RAID automatically, for N2050 V2.0 please press the INIT button start to create the RAID volume.

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