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UDVs disappear with Microsoft iSCSI initiator in Windows 2008 server
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About the operation of iSCSI, if the users want to restore the iSCSI connection automatically, they have to enable the function of "Automatically restore this connection when the system boots" when log on to target.

Usually, the system will scan the iSCSI disks and restore the mount points if the disks have been formatted and mounted on this system before. In the iSCSI initiator of Windows Server 2008, there is a label of "Volumes and Devices". After the user mounted the iSCSI disks first time, they can click the Autoconfigure button in this label and this will bind the device id of iSCSI disk with the drive letter (or mount point). It can help the system to restore the mount point when the system boots. But each time the users change the iSCSI disk mount point setting, they have to update this setting, too.
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