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How to reset N299
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Please press the reset button from the button hole at N299 back panel between RJ-45 & cooling FAN (user's manual page 81), and following reset N299 to factory default operation for your reference:

  1. Power off N299.
  2. Hold the N299 RESET button and power UP N299.
  3. After 20 sec passed and release the RESET button.
  4. Waiting about 2~3 min with a beep sound for system reset completed.
  5. And than system back to default and system password back to "admin".
Following system default configuration for your reference:
      • Admin password : admin
      • WAN IP address :
      • WAN IP Gateway :
      • WAN Jumbo Frame Support : Off
      • LAN IP :
      • LAN Jumbo Frame Support : Off
      • HTTP Port : 80
      • HTTPS port : 443

6. Link N299 WAN Port to your PC directly.
7. Config your PC'IP to
8. Open WEB browser or from Microsoft Internet Explorer to access
9. If above steps doesn't working still, please contact with your Thecus reseller or distributor for RMA service directly.

N299 user’ manual link:

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