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N0204 / N2200 FAQ
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Thecus N0204 & N2200 FAQ


1. Before using the NAS, you have to install one or two HDD and then run Thecus Smart Utility to initiate the RAID. The Thecus Smart Utility is included in the CD title came with the NAS; or visit Thecus website to download the latest version.

2. To make the N0204 and N2200 initiated smoothly, we recommend just one IP address is assigned to the computer which running the Thecus Smart Utility. It means, in case there are two network interfaces (one motherboard on-board NIC plus one add-on NIC card), temporarily disable one of them. In addition, do not assign two IP addresses to the NIC please. To check it out, execute "ipconfig /all" under Windows DOS prompt to see if there is more than one IP address assigned.

3. Before the RAID initialized by Thecus Smart Utility, IE or FireFox browsers cannot browse the admin web interface because the HTTP service has not enabled yet.

4. The default IP address of N0204 and N2200 will be assigned by the DHCP server. In case there is no available DHCP server in local network, it would be

5. When initiate the NAS and RAID the first time, Thecus Smart Utility will do the following steps.
    1) Initiate the RAID
    2) Upload the NAS firmware onto the RAID
    The NAS firmware file is placed in client computer while installing Smart Utility, such as:
        C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\firmware_N0204
        C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\firmware_N2200
    In case you see "ROM file not found", please check if above folder includes correct firmware file and with correct file name.

6. Please use brand new or entirely empty HDD. In case the installed HDD contain partition(s) or data, Thecus Smart Utility v1.00.10 will fail to install NAS firmware. It is a design to protect customer's data from erased by careless operation. However, since v1.00.11, Thecus Smart Utility will let administrator decide if he or she want to erase the whole HDD content to initiate the RAID.

7. When Thecus Smart Utility runs, please note firewall software does not block its activity; otherwise it will not discover any NAS. In addition, we recommend running the Thecus Smart Utility in a computer with Ethernet network; a wireless network may disconnect easily and interrupt the RAID initiation. Since Thecus Smart Utility 1.00.11, the install log exists in the program folder, such as:
    C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\log.txt
    In case the Smart Utility could not discover the NAS, or fails to complete the RAID initiation, please submit the log file to Thecus support team at

8. Thecus Smart Utility uses the same port with Thecus Setup Utility. The former is for N0204 and N2200, and the latter is for other Thecus NAS products. So please do not run both utilities at the same time to avoid port conflict.

9. N0204 and N2200 support USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices; however, please note the USB port at the back panel of N0204 supports USB 1.1 only.

10. N0204 will not beep to alarm critical events, so NAS user has to configure E-mail notification to be aware of the events.


1. 開始使用NAS之前,需先安裝硬碟,並執行Thecus Smart Utility工具程式來初始化磁碟陣列。Thecus Smart Utility軟體置於光碟片中,或可至 Thecus 官方網站下載最新版本

2. 要順利初始化 N0204/N2200 ,建議執行Thecus Smart Utility的電腦只指定一個IP位址。如果電腦中有2張網卡,請暫時停用其他網卡。另外,網卡上請不要指定多個IP。要確認網路卡資訊,請在 Windows 命令提示字元視窗中輸入 "ipconfig /all" 即可檢視。

3. 在使用Thecus Smart Utility工具程式初始化磁碟陣列之前,無法使用IE 或 FireFox 瀏覽器進入網頁管理畫面,因為此時HTTP服務仍未啟動。

4. N0204/N2200預設的IP位址設定為由DHCP伺服器指派。如果環境中沒有DHCP伺服器,則預設的IP位址會設定為192.168.1.100。

5. 當第一次初始化NAS及磁碟陣列時,Thecus Smart Utility會進行以下步驟:
    1) 初始化磁碟陣列
    2) 將NAS韌體上傳至磁碟陣列
    NAS韌體檔案位於用戶端電腦安裝Smart Utility的路徑,預設是:
        C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\firmware_N0204
        C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\firmware_N2200
    如果出現 "ROM file not found" 訊息視窗,請檢查上述資料夾是否包含正確的NAS韌體檔案及名稱是否正確。

6. 請使用全新或空白的硬碟。如果使用的硬碟包含磁區或資料,Thecus Smart Utility v1.00.10會無法完成NAS韌體安裝。此機制用意為保護客戶的資料被不小心刪除。但是,在Thecus Smart Utility v1.00.11版本則會讓管理者決定是否要刪除整個硬碟內資料來初始化磁碟陣列。

7. 當執行 Thecus Smart Utility 時,建議暫時關閉防火牆,因為可能造成 Thecus Smart Utility 找不到NAS。此外,建議透網實體網路線來執行Thecus Smart Utility,因為無線網路較容易因此網路品質不佳而造成初始化中斷無法完成。在Thecus Smart Utility 1.00.11之後的版本,安裝記錄會儲存於程式安裝的資料夾,預設是:
    C:\Program Files\Thecus\Thecus Smart Utility\log.txt
    如果Thecus Smart Utility無法找到NAS,或無法完成初始化磁碟陣列,請將此記錄檔案寄至

8. Thecus Smart Utility使用和 Thecus Setup Utility相同的連接埠。前者專用於N0204/N2200,後者則是用於其他Thecus NAS 產品。因此,請不要同時執行此二種工具程式,以免造成連接埠衝突而無法找到NAS。

9. N0204/N2200支援USB 2.0和USB 1.1裝置。但提醒您,N0204後方的USB 埠只支援USB 1.1。

10. N0204 並不會發出聲音警示緊急事件,因此使用者需設定發送 E-mail 來通知。

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