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The PCI-E slot on N7700 / N8800 series
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Currently N7700 / N8800 / N7700SAS / N8800SAS don't support addition device for PCI-E slot.

If you need to install an additional netowrk card on NAS, please consider N7700+ / N8800+ / N7700PRO / N8800PRO models.

Here is the 10GbE NIC Compatibility List link for
N7700+ / N8800+ / N7700PRO / N8800PRO:

Intel Ethernet Server Adaptor X520-SR1 P/N: E10G41BFSR
Intel Ethernet Server Adaptor X520-SR2 P/N: E10G42BFSR
Intel Ethernet Server Adaptor X520-DA2 P/N: E10G42BTDA (need Intel SFP+ SR Fiber Optical module P/N: E10GSFPSR for X520-DA2)
Thecus C10GT
Intel 10G CX4 Dual Port Server Adaptor


Intel Gigabit EF Dual Port Server Adaptor 82576GB 1G NIC
Intel PRO 1000 PT Single / Dual / Quad Port Server Adaptor
Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adaptor

N7700+ / N8800+ / N7700PRO / N8800PRO are using PCI-E x8 slot.
N7700 / N8800 / N7700SAS / N8800SAS are using PCI-E x1 slot.
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