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iSCSI Thin-Provisioning
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iSCSI Thin-Provisioning
  1. The Thin-Provision capacity has to be determined first.
  2. Up to five iSCSI Thin-Provision target can be created on the Thin-Provision capacity.
  3. The total virtual size of iSCSI Thin-Provision targets could not exceed 16 TB in a RAID.
  4. The virtual size should be larger than the real capacity and less than 16 TB.
  5. When determine the virtual size, the minimum increase is 100GB.
  6. When the total used capacity reaches 90% of real Thin-Provision capacity, NAS will send E-mail notifications out every 10 minutes until the capacity expanded. Also, system log will show capacity warning in admin web interface. The host server won't receive any notification before the iSCSI Thin-Provision target full.

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