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Mac OS Limitations
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Mac OS Limitations (Firmware 3.04.03)
  1. When using Mac OS X (post 10.2 with AppleTalk) without SMB, do not use Japanese characters in folder or file names to prevent errors accessing the data over a network.
  2. Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X can not see files on the network with names made up of over 32 characters.
  3. Mac OS 8.x/9.x only supports local character encoding on file names (without Unicode support).
  4. Occasionally, when a file is accessed by a Mac OS computer within a shared folder, an information file will be created in the same folder. If the file is then deleted by a Windows OS computer, the original file may no longer be accessible by Mac OS computers.
  5. The following characters are not allowed to be included in the name used for a file or shared folder when using Mac OS (AppleTalk) devices.
  6. ? [ ] / \ = + < > ; : ” , | *
  7. Writing a file larger than 2 GB is not allowed by MAC OS-9.

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