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Nsync v.s. Rsync
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Q: What's the same point between Nsync and Rsync?

A: For Thecus NAS, both Nsync and Rsync are folder-to-folder level synchronization/backup function. Users can use Nsync/Rsync to backup data to other devices. 

Q: What's the difference between Nsync and Rsync?

A: Please refer to the following table:

  Nsync Rsync
Backup Target 1. Thecus NAS which supports Nsync
2. FTP Server (*1)
1. Thecus NAS which supports Rsync Target
2. Any PC/server which supports Rsync protocol
Software Source Thecus original application Unix base application
Port Used 1. To Thecus NAS: TCP 1194
2. To FTP server: TCP 20, 21
TCP 873
Backup Location Fixed at "nsync" folder in Thecus NAS or FTP server User appoint folder
Build VPN connection 1. To Thecus NAS: Yes
2. To FTP server: No

*1: N2200Plus doesn't support this function. 


Q: Why can't I find Nsync/Rsync function in Admin UI?

A: Not all models support Nsync or Rsync, some models which support Rsync just only Rsync Module, not in UI. For the Nsync/Rsync support table, please refer to the following document:


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