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Why my RAID became degraded?
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When a RAID-1 / RAID-5 / RAID-6 / RAID-10 lost a disk, the RAID status will change from healthy to degraded. It is not absolutely related to healthy of seperated disks.
There are may reason that disk left the RAID, for example, a power cut of single disk, an suddenly disk I/O error of a single disk..... ,etc,  that might lead the single disk left the RAID and RAID became degraded. Totally to say, even every disks is healthy, that still possible the RAID became degraded.
What is S.M.A.R.T.
How to rebuild a degraded RAID?
How to check which disk cause RAID degraded?
The RAID was lost, what should I do?
Please note that if the RAID status became degraded, you can hot swap the faulty disk, replace a new disk, and the system will start to rebuild the RAID to be healthy; once you have shutdown or reboot the unit, the system won't auto rebuild even you have replace the disk. You may need to do it manually, please refer to "How to rebuild a degraded RAID? "
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