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I use "WAN" port to connect my NAS to router, but now it shows "N/A" on LCM.
Posted by - NA - on 11 June 2012 23:16
1.) If you setup "DHCP" for WAN port, please check the LAN cable and router, please try to replace a cable, reboot both NAS and router.

2.) If it still not work, please check the "LAN2" that dispaly on the LCM. Normally it should be if you didn't modify it. Try to connect LAN cable from WAN port to LAN2 port and reboot the NAS. Check if the "LAN2" port get a new IP. If WAN port still shows "N/A" and LAN2 port get a IP from your router, that means the WAN port might be defected and need to be repair.

3.) Try to reset the NAS. The default WAN port is Try to modify the IP on your PC, direct connect from your PC to WAN port, and try to connect to If it still not work, try connect to LAN2 port and try

To change the IP for Windows, please refer to
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