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If a NAS show "Self testing..." on LCD and can't boot up completely
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If NAS show and stuck at "Selft testing...", please follow the following steps:

1.) Power off the NAS.
2.) Remove all hard disks.
3.) Power on the NAS and no a BIOS ready beep since power up in 10 second,
and still stuck even without HDD, the unit should be need to RMA.
4.) If the NAS could boot completely without HDD, please boot up the NAS, install all HDD and then download the NAS configuration file and submit a ticket ( Please refer to the following [Download NAS Configuration file] session.

[Self check before RMA]
Before send back for RMA, here are some steps for check,
A.) DOM was missing or corrupted.
B.) BIOS was corrupted.
C.) Mainboard was corrupted.
D.) No CPU or CPU was defected.
E.) No memory module or memory module was defected.

For situation (A), please report this issue to us or submit ticket on our ticket system (
For situation (B)~(E), please contact our local distributor for RMA.

[Download NAS Configuration file]
Before contacting Thecus staff, please download NAS configuration file (conf.bin),

* x86 Firmware v2.xx.xx
It can be downloaded from [System / Config Mgmt] and then press [Download] button.

* x86 Firmware v3.xx.xx & x64 Firmware v1.xx.xx
It can be downloaded from [System Management/ Utility/ Config Mgmt] and then press [Download] button.

* x86 Firmware v5.xx.xx & x64 Firmware v2.xx.xx
It can be downloaded from [System Management/ Config Mgmt] and then press [Download] button.

Additional information for user reference,
1. The LCM shows “Self testing” means the LCM is power on and it’s waiting OS(Operation System) to send text
2. Thecus NAS is similar structure as normal x86 PC, therefore we are able to identify this status via normal PC diagnostic method. We just need to confirm the BIOS ready beep sound since NAS is power on in 10~20 seconds. If everything (CPU, DOM, RAM etc.) is installed correctly, but no BIOS ready beep sound and we suspect the motherboard has some issues and need to swap or require RMA Service.

Furthermore, some of Thecus NAS are with video output (VGA or HDMI). User could confirm the BIOS ready beep sound first. In addition, user is able to connect the rear video output port with a monitor, too. If the output shows system successfully operation, then perhaps the NAS LCD display defect and require RMA Service.

If the output shows abnormal, please
1. Re-plug DOM, RAM, and CPU etc. to confirm whether the self testing status is solved
2. If re-plug still unable to solve this problem, please take a screenshot for your current display and provide this screen for Thecus Support Team reference ( OR simply submit a ticket at Thecus eSupport. (

Which Thecus model is suitable for the video output procedure, such as N2800, N4800 series, N4510U series, N5550, N7510, TopTower series, N7710 & N8810 series, N8900 series, N12000V, N12000PRO, N16000V, N16000PRO.

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