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How to remove files from OS5 X64 SAMBA recycle bin.
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1. NAS IP is and 2 writeable user "aaaa" & "bbbb".

2. If RAID named RAID111, and enabled the recycle bin function.

3. User "aaaa" delete some files via SAMBA protocol or Windows network.

3. Access to the hidden folder called "_NAS_Recycle_RAID1" by \\\_NAS_Recycle_RAID111

4. Login via user "aaaa" or "bbbb" or other writeable user account.

5. Make folder or files and remove permanently.

The user'manual page 133 for Samba Recycle Bin parts:

Samba Recycle Bin

The Thecus IP storage is supported recycle bin via SMB/CIFS protocol.

Simply enable the Recycle Bin function and Recycle Folder Display then all of deleted files/folders will reside in the _NAS_Recycle_(Associated RAID Volume) share folder.

For example, the system has created 2 RAID volumes with ID RAIDpm and RAID. Then it will have 2 recycle bin folder appear as _NAS_Recycle_RAID and _NAS_Recycle_RAIDpm.

There are 2 more setting could help to manage the recycle bin for deleted folders/files.

1. Setup the Day to remove deleted folders/files which has resided in recycle bin permanently. Left default value 0 if desired to clean up recycle bin manually.

2. Setup the Size for recycle bin to allow deleted folders/files can store. Left default value 0 with no limitation.


1. The deleted files/folders which have resided in recycle bin will keep its permission. On the other hand, only the file owner or writable user can view/read/write these folders/files.

2. If deleted single file size is large than 2GB then it wont reside in the recycle bin but erase permanently.






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