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Email notification configure not working
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Email notification configure not working


1. Please ensure the IP, DNS & Gateway been configured and able access to the mail server correctly.


2. Each EMAIL SERVER (SMTP SERVER) would having itself own authorization methods, as like the password for some WEB forums asking number only, but some need number and letter combine, thus we provide 6 kinds auth type to choose ON/PLAIN/CRAM-MD5/LOGIN/GMAIL/OFF & 3 Security type OFF/SSL/STARTTLS meet most 90% mail server need, thus if can't sending email successfully or have no idea about what auth type on the EMAIL/SMTP server, we could consult with SMTP admin or provide to know it is what kinds autho type, or just change the auth type and press test email button to verify what the auth type running on the EMAIL server or doesn't included with.


3. If have GMAIL account, we would try from GMAIL option to verify NAS have correct IP configuration.


4. For some server the “SMTP Account ID” just need the ID before the @, doesn’t need full email address.

EX: -> abc “SMTP Account ID”


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