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What is Thecus ID & make T-OnTheGo work
Posted by Yvon Lei on 03 November 2014 10:54

What is Thecus ID
The Thecus ID is a DDNS service from Thecus, as like DYNDNS or NO-IP porvide DDNS service for user, and need NAS have proper IP configuration able access to internet. If OS6 user can't configure from Intelligent NAS at first, we could skip this step and reconfig at NAS ADMIN WEB page. For OS5 X64 user could doing this config from NAS ADMIN WEB page.

How to make T-OnTheGo access to NAS from mobile telecom network or internet, the T-OnTheGo is a kind of  WEBDAV service, also need:
1. Thecus ID (DDNS) service, if your public IP is dynamic.
2. UPnP portforward (UPnP IGD) (portforward) access from internet, if your nertwork through a route.

From Thecus "Mobile Applications" ( page have some uesful guide for your reference:
1. How to configure the UPnP portforward (UPnP IGD) (portforward)
2. How to configure the T-OnTheGo
3. Thecus OS6 Initialization Guide with detail steps about all OS6 configuration

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