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RAID volume expansion. I want to replace larger disks, how to expand my RAID capacity?
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For N5200 or above models that support RAID volume expansion. For example, a RAID-5 with five 160GB disk drives could expand the capacity to RAID 5 with 1TB disk drives by the following way.
  1. RAID5 created by four 160GB disk drives.
  2. Replace one 160GB drive by a brand new 1TB drive. Pull out the disk, wait for one minute and then push in the new disk. Wait for the RAID rebuilding process done.
  3. Replace another 160GB drive and rebuild the RAID.
  4. Replace the third 160GB drive and rebuild the RAID.
  5. Replace the fourth 160GB drive and rebuild the RAID.
  6. Replace the last 160GB drive and rebuild the RAID. Once the rebuilding process finishes, the RAID volume will automatically start expanding from 160GBx5 to 1TBx5. And original data still exist there.
  7. In case the RAID expansion does not start automatically, you may click "Expaid" in menu [Storage / RAID / RAID Config].
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