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WDxxxxYS drive firmware upgrade utility
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The following page is a screen snapshot from WD website:

WDxxxxYS drive firmware upgrade utility
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Jan, 2007
Important! If a pop-up blocker is installed, you may need to disable it in order to download the software below.

This firmware resolves an issue where a WD1600YS, WD2500YS, WD4000YS, or WD5000YS hard drive is dropped from a RAID set without reporting errors after a period of normal usage. This utility is designed to upgrade the firmware of the following hard drives:
  • WD1600YS
  • WD2500YS
  • WD4000YS
  • WD5000YS

CAUTION: Do not attempt to run this software on any hard drives other than what is listed above.

Supported Operating System:
  • PC Compatible Computer (DOS)

  1. Important: Please ensure that any important data is backed up from the hard drive and that the drive is removed from the RAID array (the array is offline) before updating the firmware.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Extract the file pertaining to your hard drive model onto bootable medium (floppy, CD-RW, network drive, etc.). For example, If you wish to upgrade the firmware of a WD2500YS hard drive, extract the file WD2500YS.exe to the bootable medium.
  4. Boot the system to be updated to the medium where the update file was unzipped to.
  5. Run the file by typing the file name at the command prompt. For example, type WD2500YS.exe at the command prompt.
  6. The software will scan the Serial ATA bus and automatically update the WDxxxxYS hard drive that is connected and recognized. It may take up to two minutes to update the firmware of the hard drive. Important: Please ensure that the computer system is not turned off during the firmware upgrade. Doing so may damage the hard drive beyond repair.
  7. Once completed, a message will be displayed that the firmware has been updated to the following revision:
    • WD1600YS: Revision 20.06C06
    • WD2500YS: Revision 20.06C06
    • WD4000YS: Revision 09.02E09
    • WD5000YS: Revision 09.02E09

    Important: If you are having issues updating the firmware of a drive connected to a PCI Serial ATA controller or Serial ATA RAID controller, please install the drive into a system with Serial ATA connections directly on the motherboard (Onboard Serial ATA controller) and try again.

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