Active Directory Service Support configuration example
Posted by - NA - on 18 February 2008 06:16
ADS (Windows 2003 Doamin) Support configuration example

If the problem still exists, please submit a ticket and provide the following information for troubleshooting.

- Please use "WAN" port to connect your network.
- AD Server operating system. (Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2008)
- AD Server FQDN (AD Server host name + domain name)
- AD Server IP ,and workgroup setting on the PC, the property of "My Computer" page screen shot.
- Client PC operating system is? (Windows 7 or Vista etc…)
- [System Network -> WAN] page screen shot
- [User and Group Authentication -> ADS] page screen shot
- [Share Folder -> ACL] page screen shot
- [System Network / Samba/CIFS]page screen shot
- [Error message]page screen shot
- Please try to apply join ADS again, after the error message was poped, please download the conf.bin file for us to check. It could be retrieved from admin web interface. [System Management -> Utility -> Config Mgmt -> Download].

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