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i4500R / i5500 Firmware v2.3.1p1
Posted by - NA - on 25 September 2008 07:46
i4500R / i5500 Firmware v2.3.1p1 (2008.08.26)

[Bug fixed]

1. When the system name setting include the symbol " ' ", some errors occur in Web and console UI.

2. Fix the bug , “showing 2 "Disk 4" (the same slot & WWN) in /Volume config/Physical disk/”.

3. The German Web UI's "Global spare" "Dedicated spare" word over the button's width.

4. Fix the issue, “if blanks exist within the host name, sent test mail for email notification would failed.”.

[Feature change]

1. Auto logout function is disabled when system is upgrading FW or importing configuration.

2. Change some Simplified Chinese wording.

3. Persistent reservation commands are supported.
4. Ping Host via iSCSI data port is added.
5. WLK is supported.

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