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How could I setup FTP service for public internet?
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Following 3 ways to publish the FTP on the Internet for your reference:

1. Public Fixed IP (most easy, not recommend)
Just assign a public fixed IP on the NAS WAN/LAN1 port.

2. DMZ (easy, not recommend)
Enable Router DMZ function and fill in NAS WAN/LAN1 private IP in the Router DMZ column.

For Example:

Router WAN IP is
Enable Router DMZ function and fill in for DMZ, thus the Router will forward all connection of from internet to NAS WAN/LAN1 IP

3.Virtual Server (port forward) (a little difficult, recommend)
Assign port 20 and 21 forward to NAS private IP. If user enable secure FTP (Explicit), user have to configure passive port range and forward on the router. (Default value is 30000~32000). 

For method 2 and 3, we also have a quick guide for reference,

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