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How could I backup my Thecus NAS
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If you want to backup file from Thecus NAS, we would recommend via following ways:

1. NSYNC to NSYNC, please refer to

    • Attchments: thecus n4100 nsync quick guide 2008-08-18.pdf
    • Attchments: thecus_nsync_over_internet_quick_guide_20090527.pdf

2. NSYNC to legacy FTP server

  1. Create a folder name called "nsync" on FTP server, and assign proper authorization.
  2. Add new task on Thecus NAS and choose to "Legacy FTP Server"

3. Rsync to Rsync server

  • Attchments: A Guide to Introduce Rsync Backup between Linux and Thecus NAS - rsync_guide_v2.0_20110520.pdf
  • Attchments: How to Use the Rsync Remote Backup Module -HowtoUseRsyncBackupModule.pdf
  • Attchments: How_to_backup_between_thecus_NAS_and_FreeNAS_using_rsync-v01.pdf

4. FTP

Via FTP connection to get the file from Thecus NAS.


Via netwrok driver and software as like Synctoy copy the file from Thecus NAS with schedule.

Reference :

 thecus n4100 nsync quick guide 2008-08-18.pdf (468.81 KB)
 thecus_nsync_over_internet_quick_guide_20090527.pdf (1.57 MB)
 rsync_guide_v2.0_20110520.pdf (249.60 KB)
 howtousersyncbackupmodule.pdf (368.44 KB)
 how_to_backup_between_thecus_nas_and_freenas_using_rsync-v01.pdf (1.17 MB)
 howto_remotebackup.pdf (1.76 MB)
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