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NAS can't power up or LCM/OLED stay at "Self Testing..."
Posted by Yvon Lei on 15 April 2015 10:15

NAS can't power up or LCM/OLED stay at "Self Testing..."

Since power NAS up in 5~10 sec should have the BIOS ready beep. If can't hear this beep which means could related to NAS HW issue. Please confrim all realted connector been linking corretly (as like power cable or remove all HDD a try to power up again) before contact with your local reseller or distributor for RMA service. If you could hear the BIOS ready beep, but unable discover NAS from Thecus setup wizard or access to NAS WEB page, please sumbit ticket from and we will try to help you.

For N2200XXX N2800 N3200XXX N4100PRO N4200 N4200PRO N4200ECO 1U42XXX 1U4500 1U4600 N4510U N4800 N4800ECO N0503 N5200XXX N5200 N5200PRO N5500 N5550 N5810 N7510 N7700 N7700PLUS N7700PROV1 N7700PROV2 N7710 N7710-G N8200XXX N8800 N8800PLUS N8800PROV1 N8800PROV2 N8810U N8810U-G N6850 N8850 N10850 N8900 N12000 N12000V N12000PRO N16000 N16000V N16000PRO NVR WindowsStorageServer, (all X86 NAS but N2520 N2560 N4520 N4560).


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