Overview about how Thecus staff check NAS remotely
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Overview about how Thecus staff check NAS remotely

For some issue Thecus need arrange engineer to check your NAS remotely, and difference issue need very method to access your NAS or environment, thus following difference ways for your reference: 

1. Publish NAS for remote access, such issue for NAS internal & RAID assemble issue mainly, and our HQ engineer (from Taiwan at GMT+8) check and try to repair for your NAS directly, we need access to NAS HTTP(port 80) & SSH(port 22), and also please change a temp admin password for we able to login.

And following guide for your reference:

Three ways to publish the NAS on the internet for Thecus to access and analysis
A Quick Guide to Publish Thecus NAS on Internet


2. TeamViewer connection, it is for user whom have WEB interface or related operation issue mainly, but it is very sensitive for bandwidth, because most connection would cross pacific or Eurasia, even user would guarantee the bandwidth, but it is for user ‘local country or city bandwidth only, and on one able to guaranty the bandwidth all the way to each other. Thus would be dangerous while text command keying and screen delay especially for RAID assemble, it is what concern about and won’t recommend to doing this way for NAS or RAID issue. And also following 3 check point need to know:

2-1. Please use Teamviewer version 9 or take Thecus'version

2-2. Due to time zone difference (HQ engineer from Taiwan at GMT+8), please keep PC always on prevent PC/NB going to sleep mode.

2-3. If you would like check with or HQ enginner together, here recomend choose 03:00~12:00 at GMT+0 (London) time zone as possible to pervent form staff fatigue and mistake happen. (


3. VPN connection, if your site or Route have VPN server available, as like most ASUS route have this function, it is welcome to provide your connection info us to login.


4. Remote access security, please reply your access IP or code to ESUPPORT directy, please don’t mail to any personal account. Of course for Teamview & VPN connection we also need to know the NAS IP address and please change a temp ADMIN password to we able to login NAS.



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