Why my NAS Thecus ID / DDNS not working sometimes? (ThecusID)(Eng,繁中,簡中)
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Why my NAS Thecus ID / DDNS not working sometimes? (ThecusID)

1. Thecus ID/DDNS need access internet to update, please ensure NAS have correct IP configuation able to access internet, as like GATEWAY & DNS most filled and correct.
2. The NAS Thecus ID page blank or gray out means NAS connection to ThecusID server, please be patience for remote connection.
3. If need to check the Thecus ID status, please visist following page.
4. Thecus ID is a DDNS service too, thus you could choose other DDNS service to instead, as like NO-IP is a free DDNS service, since you configure completed and the application usgae same with Thecus ID.
Thecus ID =
5. Even NAS would check & update Thecus ID every 10~20 mins. According from network infrastructure, if your route have DDNS server support, here we recommend configure & use the DDNS from your route would be faster and rid off the gap about DDNS update.

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為什麼我NASThecus ID / DDNS有時無法使用?

  1. Thecus ID/DDNS
    需要連結網際網路才能更新, 請確認NAS 有正確的 IP 設定能連結網際網路, 比如需要填入正確的 GATEWAY & DNS.
    2. NAS Thecus ID
    頁面空白或灰色表示NAS 正在連接ThecusID 伺服器, 請耐心等待連結..
    如果您需要檢查Thecus ID 狀態, 請登入以下頁面
    4. Thecus ID
    是一種DDNS 服務, 因此您也可以選擇其他 DDNS服務, 比如NO-IP 就是免費的DDNS服務, 只要完成設定, 功能也跟Thecus ID是一樣的.
    Thecus ID =
    NO-IP DDNS = =
    即使 NAS 10~20分鐘檢查及更新Thecus ID. 根據網路架構的不同, 如果您的路由器支援DDNS, 則建議在路由器上設定及使用DDNS服務會比較快.

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为什么我NAS的Thecus ID / DDNS有时无法使用?

  1. Thecus ID/DDNS 需要连结因特网才能更新, 请确认NAS 有正确的 IP 设定能连结因特网, 比如需要填入正确的 GATEWAY & DNS.
    2. NAS Thecus ID 页面空白或灰色表示NAS 正在连接ThecusID 服务器, 请耐心等待连结..
    3. 如果您需要检查Thecus ID 状态, 请登入以下页面
    4. Thecus ID 是一种DDNS 服务, 因此您也可以选择其它 DDNS服务, 比如NO-IP 就是免费的DDNS服务, 只要完成设定, 功能也跟Thecus ID是一样的.
    Thecus ID =
    NO-IP DDNS = =
    5. 即使 NAS 每10~20分钟检查及更新Thecus ID. 根据网络架构的不同, 如果您的路由器支持DDNS, 则建议在路由器上设定及使用DDNS服务会比较快.


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