Why I receive a notice mail told me the ticket will be closed?
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Let me explain about the ticket status.

After user submitted a ticket, or replied a ticket, the ticket status will change to "Open" automatically. And after the Thecus guys' reply, the status will change to "Processing".

If the status has been changed to "Processing", and there is no reply from user in 144 hours, the system will send a notice email to user, which told that the ticket will be auto close in 24 hours. That is to say, if there is no activity after staff's reply in 7 days, the ticket will be auto closed.

However, if user is not satisfied with the answer from Thecus staff guys, or the issue has not been solved, user may reply the notice e-mail (with subject not modified), the ticket will change to "Open" again. Or user may login to Thecus eSupport System and update the ticket status to "Open".

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