Access User's Home Folder/Directory in OS7
Posted by Ken Pi on 14 October 2016 18:00

Here is the steps to access your home directory in OS7:

via Windows File Manager with SAMBA/SMB/CIFS

1. Clear credentials on your Windows first. See this link for details.
[ ]
2. Close all Windows File Managers and re-open one.
3. Type "\\your-NAS-IP\home". For example, "\\\home" to access the NAS at
4. Type "\user-account" in the "Account" field, e.g., "\b_wayne" for the user "b_wayne", and fill in the password.
5. You will be directed to the user's home directory.

via FTP

1. Enable FTP support by [login to the web UI > Control Panel > File Service > FTP > Enable FTP Service]
2. Type your NAS IP in the Host Address field of the FTP client, FTP port, user account and password accordingly.
3. Upon login, you should find the user home directory under "/HOME/".

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