How much screws for 3.5" HDD? 4 or 6?
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How much screws for 3.5" HDD? 4 or 6?

The 3.5" HDD default design for 4 screws, due certain HDD need extra inner space for more disk platter and move 2 tradition screw holes location to the edge, thus some new HDD tray have this new screw holes only, for compatibility some new HDD & tray place tradition & new screw holes both.
And following WD & HGST specification about screw numbers for your reference:

WD EX1200M-2 6TB TRM 2679-800080-A00.pdf (enclosed)
page 36, section 6.5.3 Drive mounting
page 39, section 6.5.3 Drive mounting

 WD EX1200M-2 6TB TRM 2679-800080-A00.pdf (3.41 MB)
 Ultrastar_7K6000_SATA_512n_OEM_Specification_Rev1.0.pdf (6.22 MB)
 2579-771970-A00.pdf (608.28 KB)
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