Linking and Accessing OneDrive folders on OS5 OS7
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A. Install OneDrive App:
1. Login as the admin. Go to [ App Center ] and search "onedrive".
2. Click the app icon and choose "Install".
3. After installing the app, pick "Allow user to use this module".
4. Make sure a user is created on the system.

B. Linking the App to Personal Account:
1. Logout and login as a normal user, not admin.
2. Go to [ App Center ] and click [ Installed ] under [ Local App Status ] tab. Click "Enter App Page"
3. You will be directed to the app page. Click "Activate".
4. The authorization page will pop up. Enter your account credentials to link the app and your account.
5. The status will become "Activated" on the app page upon success.

C. Accessing OneDrive folders via:
a. File Center of OS7: Click [ File Center ] in the NAS web UI and navigate to /HOME/username/onedrive.
b. SMB/File Explorer on Windows: Open File Explorer on Windows and enter "\\NAS-IP\home\onedrive" in the URL with account credentials.
c. FTP:  The path is "/HOME/username/onedrive".
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