How to upgrade OS5 X32 FW via USB upgrade tool
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How to upgrade OS5 X32 FW via USB upgrade tool

0. Please download USB Tool as below or
1. Arrange an empty USB driver(fat/fat32 format).
2. Download the firmware to the USB root folder:
N4100PRO please unzip file first:

3. Unzip USB Tool file to USB root folder.
The USB drive should look like this:
USB (E:)
│  Thecus_NAS_OS5_X32_FW_beta_5.03.02.rom
│  usb_upgrade
│  ...(other various files)
4. Power off NAS(remove all HDD).
5. Plug USB into NAS and power up.
6. Since process completed and NAS going to power off automatically.
7. Insert HDD and boot NAS

The NAS will load factory default settings
admin's password: admin
HTTP port: 80
HTTPS port: 443

All the users and groups settings will be cleared after load factory default settings.

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