Surveillance Station (Center) notes
Posted by Yvon Lei on 18 September 2017 16:37

Surveillance Station (Center) notes

A. Surveillance Station APP support native OS7 NAS, thus unsupported which NAS upgrade from OS5 to OS7 as like Cedraview NAS N2800/N4800/N5550/N7510.
N2810 N2810PLUS N2810PRO N4810 N4910
N5810 N5810PRO N4910 N12910 N12910SAS N16910SAS

B. Support how many IPCAMs?
N2350 & N4350 support up to 4 cameras, and rest NAS model support up to 8 cameras.

C. Surveillance Center supports IPCAM base on ONVIF, even all ONVIF IPCAM should work with but real support capacity varies from each camera differ; it is need your understanding in advance.

D. Surveillance Station playback function base on WEB interface only, but local display.

E. (Option for local display function) Link USB keyboard, moue & HDMI to monitor. Please note HDMI unsupported hot plug, thus please reboot NAS with HDMI linked.

F. (Option for local display function) Install Local display module APP & reboot.

G. Surveillance Station file location
N2350 N4350
Intel OS7 NAS

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