How to configure N2350 N4350 power status (power always on) (power auto resume)(Eng,繁中,簡中)
Posted by Yvon Lei on 13 October 2017 12:13

The N2350 N4350 doesn't like X86 PC have BIOS to manage the power status after power break, but the MB have a jumper at location J5 to configure as default or always on:
J5 Pin 1-2 -> Button on (default).
J5 Pin 2-3 -> Always on

As enclsoed PDF file Thecus_N2350_N4350_power_auto_resume_always_on_V1.0.pdf for your reference:


N2350 N4350不像X86 PC具有BIOS在斷電後管理電源狀態,但是MB在位置J5有跳線可以來進行設定:
J5 Pin 1-2 -> 按鍵啟動 (預設).
J5 Pin 2-3 -> 一直啟動

設定方式請參考 PDF文件 Thecus_N2350_N4350_power_auto_resume_always_on_V1.0.pdf


N2350 N4350不像X86 PC具有BIOS在断电后管理电源状态,但是MB在位置J5有跳线可以来进行设定:
J5 Pin 1-2 - >按键启动(预设)。
J5针2-3 - >一直启动


 Thecus_N2350_N4350_power_auto_resume_always_on_V1.0.pdf (641.35 KB)
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