OS7 how to map DROPBOX folder from Windows
Posted by Yvon Lei on 03 May 2018 10:41
OS7 how to map DROPBOX folder from Windows

1. OS7 with home folder concept for each user, since you access to NAS'home folder via SAMBA, as like \\\home and need key in login & password for user "Andrew", since you pass and login, you will see \\\home only, because system auto hidden the \Andrew between \home & \Dropbox
FACT -> \\\HOME\Andrew\Dropbox
But need LOGIN as Andrew account and able to access-> \\\HOME\Dropbox

2. Following steps for your reference:
2-1. Type \\ on your file manager address bar:
2-2. Click "home" folder and ensure you have login NAS home folder with account & password for user "Andrew" successfully.
2-3. Should have the Dropbox show up.

3. Most case would related user been click other NAS folder already, but Windows would auto saved this login permission already, and following FAQ could help you to rid off this limiation from Microsoft:
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