How to enable the SAMBA 2 (SMB2) for my NAS?
Posted by Yvon Lei on 03 May 2018 15:21
How to enable the SAMBA 2 (SMB2) for my NAS?

N8800PRO (v1) / N8800SAS / N8800+ / N8800 / N7700PRO (v1) / N7700SAS / N7700+ / N7700 / N8200XXX / / N5500 / N5200XXX / N3200XXX / N2200XXX / N4200Eco / N4200PRO / N4200 / N4100PRO / N0503 ComboNAS / 1U4600 / 1U4200XXX / N5200PRO  / N5200 / 1U4500 / N2200EVO / N4100EVO / N2200PLUS / N2200 / N0204 miniNAS / N4100+ / N4100 / N2100 / M3800 / N3200PRO 1 N3200 / N1200 / N299 / N199

Above series NAS belong to OS5 X32 or elder version, it is not only each electronic components with limited life cycle, but also software end of update until last version v5.03.02.8 in 2014-Oct-13 for new NAS advanced OS development.

Maybe some user would assume old storage system still functional, but we saw many tragedy about user using old HDD or NAS hardware but damage, and user need spent huge or double cost and able to rescue the data out, maybe it is difficult for you but we saw and doing such rescue everyday. For example if your car with 2 airbag only, but 6 years later government recommend 6 airbag is better, than you asking your car manufacturer provide addition 4 airbag option even in free, but this model been end of production for years, even we could provide the quotation for but believe no one could accept the cost, but a new car even cheaper, thus why we recommend you to contact your local Thecus reseller and we will be glad provide special offer for you with a new NAS, and thanks for your understanding in advance.
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