Since N2310/N4310 hardware damaged how to access and backup data? (Eng,繁中,簡中)
Posted by Yvon Lei on 17 April 2019 17:49
Since N2310/N4310 hardware damaged how to access and backup data?

1. Arrange an Thecus N2350 NAS (ex: N2350/N4350):
2. Power up N2350 NAS without HDD and setup the IP, account and password through THECUS SETUP WIZARD. -> Linux NAS -> your new NAS model name -> Downloads -> Utility -> Setup Wizard.
2. Place the old N2310/N4310 hard drive into the new N2350 NAS.
3. Arrange PORT 22 and 80 forward for N2350 NAS the IP sharer, and provide the IP, admin account and password to Thecus tech support staff to access remotely. Analysiseng
4. Refer following FAQ item 2 or 3 and able too access old NAS data:

於N2310/N4310硬件損壞瞭如何備份數據? 繁中
1.安排Thecus OS5X64或OS7 NAS (如: N2350/N435): -> Linux NAS -> N2350 -> Downloads -> Utility -> Setup Wizard.
2.啟動沒有HDD的OS5X64或OS7 NAS,並通過THECUS SETUP WIZARD設置IP,帳戶和密碼。 -> Linux NAS -> 您的新NAS型號名稱 -> Downloads -> Utility -> Setup Wizard.
2.將舊的N2310/N4310硬盤驅動器放入新的OS5X64或OS7 NAS中。
3.為OS5X64或OS7 NAS安排PORT 22和80轉發IP共享器,並向Thecus技術支持人員提供IP,管理員帳戶和密碼以便遠程訪問。

由于N2310/N4310硬件损坏了要如何备份数据? 簡中
1.安排Thecus OS5X64或OS7 NAS (如: N2350/N4350):
2.启动没有HDD的OS5X64或OS7 NAS,并通过THECUS SETUP WIZARD设置IP,帐户和密码。 -> Linux NAS -> 您的新NAS型号名称 -> Downloads -> Utility -> Setup Wizard.
2.将旧的N2310/N4310硬盘驱动器放入新的OS5X64或OS7 NAS中。
3.为OS5X64或OS7 NAS安排PORT 22和80转发IP共享器,并向Thecus技术支持人员提供IP,管理员帐户和密码以便远程访问。


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