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N299 IP Camera list & path
Posted by Yvon Lei, Last modified by on 12 June 2008 08:08
1. Please arrange following one of IPCAM:
A. Afreey ANC-818G
http://Host name or IP address/cgi-bin/video.jpg
B. SparkLan CAS-370W
http://Host name of IP address/image.jpg
C. Axis 207
http://Host name or IP address/jpg/image.jpg
D. Panasonic BL-C10
http://Host name or IP address/SnapshotJPEG?Count
E. Vivotek PT-7137
http://Host name or IP address/cgi-bin/video.jpg
2. Please confirm N299 & your PC could access to IP both, or confirm IPCAM & N299 & PC under same IP segment.
3. If IPCAM is Axis 207 at  account & password both root, and N299 at, please type following item:
Interval->by user
Folder->by user
4. Click ADD to add this task.
5. If need Schedule function, please config the start time after current, if would start at 10:00, we have config schedule before 09:50.
6. Since the schedule time reached, we could access \\\ipcam (It is an ACL folder have to assign user first.).
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